Robby is the diminutive of Roberto.
I was born in 1967 and just when I was a child, maybe 3-4 years old, I started to play my firsts 45rpm discs on my "disc-eater", so I was impressed of how magic was that playback system only looking the disc turning around! At the same time I was very interested of all about electronic, then, transistors, vacuum tubes ,resistor and capacitor was my firsts true toys. During all the years many was the steps about the various interests, all in the field of analog electronic, Radio-frequency telecommunications, hi-end audio and other... but the true dream was the cut of vinyl discs: when I was children, I did try to cut with an old player ceramic cartridges on homemade wax discs.. naturally without success ...
In 1993 I did put my hands on a very old American Presto 6N lathe, equipped with Presto 1-D mono cutter and the original like-new full tubes A-93 amplifier: really nice but far from a true high-fidelity system and, after many many unsuccessful tests the first good lacquer was cut.
With the incoming of internet and the constant help of great local electronic technician friends, many secrets and things about the cutting was discovered and an old destroyed cutterhead Neumann SX68 was self-badly-repaired and adapted to the lathe... so here started the true adventure with so much technical difficulties, to obtain the maximum possible and to really learn the physical limits of the system.

Davide and Roberto working toghether!! Thanks to the constant everyday research, big nerves, many many nights spent to know and study and the most important thing: the true passion, I and my technician/audiophile friends, decided to rebuild and remake all the original circuitry taken by the original Neumann diagrams with selected new components.
We obtained for the VG66 pre-amplifier like feedback electronic earth, because is all FET and transistors made, highly accurate in signal symmetry with an high output and easy to manage without so much critical points and, for the RIAA encoder, we adopted a self made vacuum tube push-pull amplifier with selected original Telefunken, Philips "special quality" and Siemens tube, with PASSIVE RIAA...instead of the original SE66ic.
This solution assures an amazing sound quality and precision in the delicate RIAA encoding, with great warmth in the sound. I have 4 of these preamp systems and various power electronics, the most with Mullard power tubes capable of a very beautiful end powerful wideband sound on the vinyl, thanks also to the Neumann cutterheads.
I learned well how to repair in all last years. And because I know well the limits of this system there is not a big fear to burn, because I can remade myself the cutterheads.The volume level on the discs can be keep the higher physically possible with the Neumann cutterhead repaired here with the latest wire technology adopted which has the higher insulation heat resistance possible and a relatively low mass for the better response in the hi-treble end..

The cutters here are completely rebuild by me, and because I studied deeply the structure of Neumann heads, I'm capable to give new life to your old SX68 - SX74. This all means a great responsibility, because a similar work is extremely delicate and will affect the performances of your vinyl cuttings. I suggest however to re-setting the feedback level of your new rewound cutter when you'll put for the first time on the lathe after repair, because some difference by the previous old wires will be unavoidable even if I follow the original characteristics made by Neumann 30 years ago.
I and my collaborators are sure to give you the best service we can do, because we didn't started this all strictly for business, but for the passion we had (and have) for this field, because the vinyl disc cutting is a true art, unrivaled by any other digital media... with all his analogue and physical limits, and this true science cannot be forgot only because the latest audio technology makes all easy with mp3 or other.. I sincerely believe at this all, and want to try to fully work with the maximum professionalism and service for who really wants to continue with this magic system

.......Davide persist!!

A special thank to my great friend and helper Marco

My great friend and helper Marco