Our prices are fixed even if you want to cut one side only or only one short track, BUT if & when you decide to put other tracks in the empty spaces, we can do it in a second session with no extra charge.
The prices do not include VAT/TAX/SHIPPING and other expenses that are not strictly inherent the technical studio session.

7" big hole: 20 Euro
10" standard high level good also for scratch technique: 40 Euro
12" standard high level good also for scratch technique: 50 Euro
12"- 15 to 25 minutes each side - middle/low volume: 60 Euro
12" Transparent very low weight perfect for scratch techniques, one side only is possible to cut: 30 Euro

MASTER LACQUERS intended for pressing process
14" Master-lacquer one side intended for galvanic process and 12" vinyl pressing: 80 Euro
14" the same but 15 to 25 minutes :90 Euro
14" but Half-Speed mastered for extreme quality and levels, unarrivable by normal techniques: add 20 Euro for High volume/low time (max. 13 min at 33rpm and 10 min at 45rpm each side) and 40 Euro for the 15 to 25 minutes lacquer)
As mentioned in the dedicated paragraph, Half-Speed means maximizing quality and levels but the studio time to do this may be at least doubled and in some situations multiplied x 3 …if there aren't problems.
Other formats, particular tracks or various go by demand. It is possible to cut also at 16 and 78 rpm. All pre-mastering works like equalizations/doubling on other supports to make the tracks in sequence/levelings and any other process that requires studio time, will be charged 40 Euro/h.. so give us the best finalized work you can, because it will be transferred as is on the disc... except inevitably some treble limiting if necessary to obtain extreme volume:
At the moment we accept only PAYMENTS on our BANK account with money transfer: when we see the money we will give you your finished work as soon as possible. Don't forget to give us your VAT number for the bill/invoice, if you have one... if not, a normal invoice/receipt will follow the work as soon as it is done.
Inside Italy a normal postal-transfer payment is accepted. You must add 10 Euro for fast shipping/little packages (under about 3 x 12" discs) inside Italy; 20 Euro for the same packages inside EU and we will enquire exactly how much for outside EU.

For heavy weight packages, the exact amount to be added will be written in an e-mail at the moment.
Write tracks-sequence/speed/address/phone/e-mail carefully and precisely.
When we receive your master, we will TRY to make your work as fast as possible, maybe 1-2 days, but maybe more if we are very busy. MORE TIME=BETTER QUALITY. This is a delicate work, some time more means more time to evaluate the program you gave to cut, so, better levels and overall quality.

Send all to:

Roberto Barbolini,
(Audio-Video Services)
via A.Lombardi n.15
40128 Bologna

The VAT number is: (IT)04301240372