Privacy, rights & unauthorized copies
All infos about your generality, e-mail and various about will be used strictly for our eventually professional report nothing will be communicated to thirds without your permission.
Because this is an audio (and video) EDITING/RECORDING studio, we are oriented primarily to the professional services market, so we can make supervision/restoration/editing and final transfer/recordings on various media but we ARE NOT organized for SERIES DIRECT COPIES; however here is possible to finalize a work intended for successive passages in other places/thirds studios.
You must know that all Audio/Video materials you will give us to process may have COPYRIGHTS and we are not responsible for eventually problems derived by abuses like unauthorized or illegal copies to process.
However we do not make exact replications of any kind of media intended to the public series distribution, if not with wrote authorization.
We do not replicate CD/DVD or digital media of any kind. We make ONLY services for PROFESSIONALS and/or strictly for LIMITED PERSONAL use with clear royalty-free personal material (private customers).
If you will contact us for services, we suppose you have read and accepted all parts of this site.

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Roberto Barbolini- (Audio Video services)-
Bologna -Italy.
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