Exact prices will be calculated when the exact problems will be identified.
E-mail us and explain your problem, we assure you we will try to keep the prices down to the lowest possible.
However you must consider that:

1)just putting our hands on your precious Neumann cutterhead and assuring you the maximum repair results is in itself a big responsibility that can burn our professionalism in just one moment.
2)The relatively simple operation of dismounting the "x" section of the torque tube can easily damage the coil links, this requires good nerves and extreme attention.
3)There is a preliminary cleaning operation to completely remove residues of previous old materials, all completely done by hand with the aid of a powerful 3D microscope; The     winding is carefully done under microscope too.. If only one drive channel is burned, we will HOWEVER rewind the 2 channels; this because if one coil was burned, surely the   other was overpowered or is simply old and the symmetry will have problems if only one is repaired.
4) More problematic is the re-winding of the feedback coils.. it is true that is difficult to break one if not so misused with excessive modulation peak, but this can happen, so, the discourse is the same of the drive coils, but about 1/8 thick than power wire and extremely delicate to handle and to fix well: this is the true heart of feedback cutterheads Neumann SX74 or SX68. A bad feedback coil will give you only problems.
5)The wires employed are not of commercial type: we ordered specific unsoldeable high temperature high power low weight flat wires, made for us by one of the best wires factory in the USA, so this means high costs in money and energy, because only with several continuous tests is possible to learn and then make this work surely.

E-mail us for infos: info@cutterheadrepair.com and explain as best you can the problems you have: we will try to find the best solution.
A very approximate estimation of how much a similar work can cost is: About 500 Euro if the head has almost nothing wrong, but requires full check-up and very little things to solve (FB mechanical external tuning or similar), to about 3500 Euro max if the head is completely destroyed also in some mechanical parts; for drive power coils only we will make the lowest prices possible.

If we have any doubts about something we will not be capable of doing, we'll send back the cutter without charge except shipping costs.
All the prices will be calculated, excluding VAT/TAX shipping and any customs that may be due.
For the time being payments will be accepted only on our bank account just before we send back the cutterhead.
Don't forget to give us your EXACT complete generality/address/phone/e-mail/VAT number; doing so will be possible to contact you constantly for every information about the work in progress.

When you ship your precious cutterhead be sure to optimize the package and make the choice of the best shipping way you can find. If you are OUTSIDE the EU, please BE SURE to fill out the shipping papers carefully along with any insurance/value you must declare for TEMPORARY export, because customs will ask 20% VAT (TAX) here in Italy.... and this 20% will be charged to you if this happens. So, BE SURE to fill out all papers correctly and specify well that this is a TEMPORARY export FOR CHECK UP AND/OR REPAIR and the goods will be sent back just after the process with the relative BILL/INVOICE. You can specify " Audio disc cutterhead" or "Cutterhead audio transducer"... or you surely know how to specify better... WE TAKE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSABILITY FOR SHIPPING DAMAGES OR OTHER PROBLEMS CAUSED BY SHIPPING!!! BE SURE TO CHOOSE THE BEST WAY TO SEND YOUR TRANSDUCERS!!!
THE TIME FOR A REPAIR depends on how busy we are in that moment and by the kind of work to be done; maybe 1-2 weeks to 1 month or more... WE WILL NOT SEND BACK YOUR CUTTERHEAD IF WE ARE NOT SURE WE HAVE DONE OUR BEST!!!

The address is:
The VAT number is (IT)04301240372
Phone is:+39/338/8729454