NB: We are not a copy center!

few importants informations about serial copies & copyrights…

1. If it is true that beautiful things take time, this is also why we chose not to make copies in series.

In fact, we are not a duplication center, but a mounting and recording studio where it is possible to make master on lacquer to be processed elsewhere galvanically for printing, or for direct engraving. We would also like to underline that these ones are always individually-made supports for subsequent individual/professional use by studio.

2. If you are interested for a direct transfer (if you are a deejay for example), be aware about the possibility that the material you provide us for the transfers could be protected by copyright: in fact, we provide this kind of audio-services just for professional or exclusively private use.

Therefore, we are relieved of any liability arising from the consequences of any misuse of use subsequent to the processing of the audiovisual material, that has been treated here in studio.

3. All information that you give us regarding personal details, e-mail and various will be used exclusively for our possible professional relationships, and that nothing will be communicated to third parties without your permission.

4. We also remember that we do not make any kind of copy from any kind of media intended for public distribution, unless prior written permission.

We do not also replicate CDs/DVDs or any type of digital medias.

If you contact us for any type of service, we assume you have fully read and understood the content of this site in all its parts.

Thank you for cooperating 🙂