Technical guidelines


Bass in mono, high stereo where necessary, and in any case not on the bass;

Pay attention to the counter-phase, especially in low frequencies: limit the excessive stereo image, as it reduces the available space and can generate problems in print;

The strongest tracks and “open” as tones must be put at the beginning of the facade for better performance, in particular at 33rpm;

The best yield will be in all cases at 45rpm, but this will reduce the time available.


The best recordings on vinyl are not at higher volumes, but at LP levels – on average about 18 minutes per side. As a reference, a LOUD facade should not exceed 12/13 minutes. For a high quality LP we recommend from 18 minutes up to a maximum of 20/21 (which is already over the limit). Or up to 26 minutes, but at extremely low volume, which also makes the facade mechanically very delicate

The maximum durations are not fixed, but dependent on the type of program. contact us for further information and clarification

Finally, we will never be tired of reiterating how much longer lengths affect the final quality of the record, while shorter durations will lead to a better yield, especially in terms of details


Prepare first of all your master;

Specify all the instructions: catalog number on the folder (and not on the dropbox link), speed (16/33/48 spins), tracklist, playlist and timing

Clearly indicated address, phone and possible e-mail to contact you in case of problems or simple communications regarding the work in progress; 

Do not forget to indicate the VAT number and business name if you are a company.

Specific questions?
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